Ship lost too far

Rough couple of days today. Or bad luck’s hitting on me once again. I just gotta vent this. I know that exploration in this game can be compared to a roll of the dice. You gotta pray that every system you go to has a relic or data site in it and pray that your […]

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70 million ISK lost

Maybe I’ve been pushing my luck too far. Maybe those no virus hacks were a hint of my demise. Nonetheless, I shall pay homage to my 70 million ISK with this post. As stated in my previous blog post, I’ve been travelling the stain region for dank loot. Since it’s Sansha Nation’s null space, it […]

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A Brave One Rises

As a rookie (even returning) capsuleer, joining a corporation, moreso a well-established one, can be a bit daunting. I decided to join the Brave Newbies Inc. I hear they cater to new recruits, and I like the name and their philosophy, teaching fellow pilots to be brave and all that. So I checked their subreddit, […]

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