70 million ISK lost

Maybe I’ve been pushing my luck too far. Maybe those no virus hacks were a hint of my demise. Nonetheless, I shall pay homage to my 70 million ISK with this post.

As stated in my previous blog post, I’ve been travelling the stain region for dank loot. Since it’s Sansha Nation’s null space, it is considered good loot since that faction offer more blingy loot than any other faction.

The stain region map. I find this much better than looking at the in game map. courtesy to evemaps

I learned much about the region. There are some “pocket” systems where they are RARELY visited, at all, only netting tens of jumps per hour. Unfortunately you have to go through chokepoints to access them. They are literally filled to the brim with bubbles. Fortunately I was up when most players where at work or school so I got through them, I was still pushing my luck though since there were like 6 people in local so I took the risk of them just being AFK bums.

This was also the time that I got a prettyyyy big loot, 26 million from a Sansha remains container. I mean in comparison to the ruins one which are A LOT harder. I find the remains to be much more consistent in payout. Ruins can give the same as rubble, ugh.

It was an hour before downtime, so I figured to stay in one of the pocket systems and I keep pushing that the local people are AFK. I then got myself to a relic site, someone got in the system and shortly left. I happily went along and just went looting and lo and behold that person came back. unfortunately he found me. I D-scanned too late, and got ejected to my pod shortly after. Since I was about 25 jumps away from the 3GD system, I chose to self destruct, returning to my home system a minute before downtime occurs.

I’m still mourning my loss, hopefully the downtime will give me some good wormholes to sink myself into, and good loot this time!

2 thoughts on “70 million ISK lost

  1. At least you take your losses in stride. Good for you. I tend to spend much time planning on how to not die a horrible fiery death, but as a consequence, I miss out on a lot of content. Great posts! Please keep them coming.


    1. Thank you! I lost another 30m traversing wormhole space today. While I appreciate the complexity of wormholes, I’ll stick to Sansha space for now (less signatures to do), maybe this is just a bad day.


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