Pirate woes

Since Brave Collective’s have near access to two NPC null regions, relic sites and data sites are just waiting to be found.

I roamed among the Stain region where Sansha’s nation pirates are situated in. I got some pretty good hauls out of it as stated from my previous blog post, so I’m willing to give it a go again.

I made a pseudo spreadsheet on my notebook (I’m a bit of a data junkie), logged the systems that I’m about to explore, and headed off. Luck seems to be not with me this time around, or maybe everything’s just hauled out since I’m playing on a different timezone where new batch of players are active at the time.

All I’ve scanned so far are combat sites, which I’m pretty sure my magnate can’t tackle head on. So, I added mroe systems to log in my spreadsheet, thanks to evemaps I can check some recent jumps. The least visited ones which only have like 5 to 10 jumps per hour are about 20 jumps from the staging system, which can be taxing and tedious.

Then it seems my luck turned for the better, I actually scanned down a relic site! I started hacking, since there’s only one person in local I’m confident that I’m safe.

Then apparently some guy went down on me and I kerploded, pod included. He said among the lines like stay away from our gold or something like that. I’m just like ok cool, loss accepted, I have enough money to fit about a hundred magnates so they’re disposable to me.

I skipped that system. 3 jumps later and lo and behold! I died again scanning a relic site and these people said something about staying away from our gold as well. I mean, piracy is a thing and all, EVE is a cruel game. They got only 5 mill from me at best since I only hacked a ruins container before they killed my ship. Do containers respawn or something?

Anyway, lessons learned from this. NPC null systems are NOT so safe after all, or maybe I’ll stick to the times where there’s less pirates like those, just fortunate that I had vacant times like this.

My magnate overlooking some big ships of my corp mates. They’re waiting for an appropriate time to jump it seems.

I’m still confused where I should go prowl, should I keep exploring in Sansha space? I guess more experience will help me discern who are the cloakers and who are the passerbys, or should I go to the Anoikis galaxy and leave it to the dice for the sites to spawn? I read that Sansha space can net one about 100m isk/hr, so I may just be unfortunate. I guess I’ll just explore when there’s really no one in local, and check evewho or other sites if they have recent explorer kills.

Also, I’m not engaging in PvP since I don’t think I have enough knowledge to follow through the fleet ops. I’m still having a hard time understanding all the jargons and all that. Cynos, spikes, target prioritization are still concepts that I’m still tackling with. I’m working for a capital first so I can spam some T1 tackling frigates to help my corpmates in roams.

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