Deep in Blue Space

Being a member of a corporation that holds 6 condensed systems, I feel paranoid to venture further. While I have a drive for exploration, specifically Sansha space, I never wanted to touch other alliance’s turf. EVE does make a person paranoid, huh.

I realized yesterday that this is not the case. The corporation I joined in is apparently friendly with neighboring systems, so I believe that majority of the catch region is explorable, except for a few neutrals looking for good fights. Our staging system’s quite popular… and violent, but that doesn’t hinder me much on exploring. Brave Newbies Inc. has excellent intel and listening on comms makes one aware of which systems are currently camped or cleared.

So what I did was checked on evemaps for recent jumps, checked the in-game map for average pilots in the last 30 minutes, and calculate a route. Usually, I go for the less visited ones that go through another region. I forgot what time I did this exploring but this was the time I got a decent loot about 60m due to intact armor plates I got from the ruins site.

It was quite a memorable experience, it almost gave me a heart attack even, because I still don’t fully grasp the concept of “Not Blue Shoot It”. So I was in a remote system, to my relief finally found a relic site, and headed for the ruins container, which contained the 60m loot.

The problem with me was that once I get into hacking minigame, I tend to forget D-scan. And there it was, an Astero about 5 kilometers away from me. It gave me a few flashbacks from my deep ventures into deep space. Fortunately, it didn’t attack me and I panic warped away to a nearby customs office.

I then look at the local chat. He said that he’s explo hunting and asked me to just leave some crates open. I realized that he is a pilot with good standing, which is blue. I was still scared, and relieved. I chatted back. He apologized for almost giving me a heart attack. We had a few chitchats and headed off our own ways. I immediately went back to our staging system, I’m not willing to raise the stakes any further.

Seriously, if that guy was a neut, I’d be writing another grieving post today. While this game is full of piracy and downright violence, not caring if one loses a million or a billion isk, there’s still some good people out there, and that’s what I believe makes EVE great.

But I’m quite on a burn out at the moment, I jumped about 20 times in the catch region and all I got are combat sites. I’m thinking of trying to go WH exploration again, but I think it requires a higher skill floor since there’s a lot of signatures going around. I guess I’ll just stick to nearby systems and the Stain region. The 10,000 player rise in weekends sure make a difference in clearing sites.

[I forgot to take pictures today, my bad!]

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